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March 5, 2017

30 Year Experience

It takes a lot to be one of the most trusted mac repair on the market. Read more below why users keep coming back over and over again.


Unique Attention

Dag Johanna,

Ooit gaf je mij de naam op van iemand die mij zou kunnen helpen met mijn computerproblemen. Onlangs heb ik contact met haar opgenomen, Dafna Levy, en wij waren beiden erg enthousiast over jou. En… ook over elkaar! Het klikte meteen. Tijdens het werk hadden we dolle pret.
Dank dat je ons met elkaar in contact hebt gebracht!

Hartelijke groet,
Loan Oei


I Build Your System

Hi Nelson.

Your MB Pro is doing it good .
You got a new system siera and logic pro
your music is their and all your photos
your documents and all your files on the desktop.
Ilife garage and words all that stuff… you are save now come and pick the laptop

Continual Updates

Hey Daf,

I formated the hardrive with disk utility. Using these steps on the eHow.com website: How to Format a Western Digital Passport for Mac and PC
I left it copying its content to the network last night. And instead of waiting for the end of the day to go to your place and have it formated I tried to do it myself so I can start copying the files that need to be sent.
Can you please let me know if I did it right? I assume it’s recognized by PCs too now, just wanted to double check with you. The drive’s format now is MS-DOS (FAT32).
Thanks! See you later x
NOOR office

Word Press

Dearest, I talked with you about the newsletter of Theatre Embassy.I found this by accident. Is this a kind of program where I void send my newsletter in the future from?
And would it be possible to place the 800 addresses that I have in this format .So that I don’t lose my followers?
You have the info of the EM Culture whom host our newsletter at this moment no?
I will give an answer about the template today or tomorrow morning Dafna.
Thank you

Oh, & We Blog Sometimes

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Together with Felice and Iyipo Tafari macitwork relais a concept for a WebShop and a site Please  check it out

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