01. Research





The Laboratory    Information Communication Technology

Laboratories of research sound and images

Audio visuals mapping and analog to digital via midi.

Experimental and dance.

02. Online

First on Netscape for my project download cinema, this was my introduction to html and web design.

Then moved on to build  websites with in the creative sector that i was part off all over Amsterdam.


ot301 in 1999.

look here:

iiwii-cork.nl  webshop

WordPress , Webshop, html5, server maintenence. this are m tools


03. Development

Peter Fleur , filemaker developer created the urban resort  database for Hay Schoolmeesters.

De Urban-Resort database is an ongoing project started 2006, content management clients –renter relationship

financial administration, maintenance of server and network includes.

administration of urban and related to the website of UR.

look here: UR

filemaker peter fleur


Magic Has A Formula

•Eenvoudig en leerervaring

is het motto waar wij door leven•