Alternate titles for this post, courtesy of Ruggy, none of which jive with the proper cid:5080B64B-8AB2-4E50-A93D-5427C595561Cpronunciation of Pfaff, all of which give me the giggles: Bigger, Louder, Pfaffer. Pfaffer than a speeding bullet. Pfaffer Pussycat. Pfaffer is the best medicine.

Can humans fall in love with machines?



Pfaff is the best medicine.

I always loved machines , all kind off.
Years back I got this Pfaff from and a guy in the Tenkaten markt. He retired .
This machine did all the bags for klm in the 70th. and the 80th.
I got it with some metal plates.
I am In Love with my Pfaff it is so old but it does magic.