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optreaden in Sailor Bar

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

August 28 Live@The Zimmer 5 Hagdud Haivri Tel Aviv

Wednesday we will give a special show at the Zimmer in Tel Aviv, Israel.
For this occasion we will collaborate with Tel Aviv based dancer Tamar Borer, who shall for this occasion be the object for video mapping more about Tamar you can find here: We will play a short laptop set since we did not take any of our instruments, so it will be completely sample based. Also we will show some of our video / audio work, past and present. If you are in the area of Tel Aviv / Yafo come over, entrance will be 10 shekel.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Rebuilding of the studio

After we had to move from our beloved studio in May, we had to do with all our stuff in several places stored. Now we have a new place in the same old Volkskrant building.

We are almost finished rebuilding the whole studio in a smaller workspace. All the audio cabling and electricity is now in place, the only thing remaining at this moment is the midi cabling and interfacing set up to make the studio fully functional as before. Also some lighting, cosmetic and acoustic updates need to finish it, but all of that will be done this September, after a bit of needed vacation after this double moving, so hopefully we can come back here with some new tracks as we are preparing with the singers Amina and Carelain, and some previews of our new dynamic video mapping visuals. Check back here for more.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

New project gets going.

Currently we are working on a new project with electronics (nothing new there) but this time in cooperation with  two wonderful vocalists, Careline and Amina. This opens up a different approach, and new inspiration for creating a new style of music (for us), from spheric and droney to upbeat rythms ‘n noise all mixed together in a complete set for stage. Instruments will be 909 – 303 DevilFish – MS10 – MiniMoog – SH101, samples FX and more. Recently we also have been busy Video-mapping, projecting villa Sandwijck in de Bilt on a party at midnight, wich was big fun to do, so finding a stage to perform in the near future is our main goal for now. Meantime we can keep you updated on our progress by posting some sketches of our first tracks to be. These are just recording of live practice sessions, for the moment we will be working on practicing more then we will be with creating final mixdowns. So the tracks being posted here will be there for your enjoyment and will all still be worked out on a later date.
Sneak preview here.

Monday, 11 June 2012

View from the 4th – New Track added

In celebration of 5 years existence of Urban Resort Amsterdam,
there was a small festival with a cd release under the name Transformers
in the first weekend of June.
On the cd are tracks from a range of artists from the old Volkskrant building,
where we do have our studio, and also from other artists that have their studio in one of the buildings that Urban Resorts rents to artists of various disciplines.
The cd sells for 5 euro.
Our track can also be downloaded through this blog in full quality.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Frost is almost gone now

Getting time to upload some new sounds soon.

Like a devilfish noisefest,
2012 is here…

Friday, 4 September 2009

into a new way

studio is all ready and beautiful now,

have a look around in these pictures taken from the computer.
I’m waiting now for the 303 to be returned to me as a devilfish, it should be here any day now,
so soon I will have some new trax available here, the old trax is like history now .
Here’s a look at my new mixer

and this is a view of the Korg section where I have the MS10 MS20 MS50 SQ10 MS01 MS02 MS04 PS3100 X911, MS2000BR but also a Gnat, 909, Sherman, 606 and Nord Modular

cannot give you a view of the other side with the FXrack, patchbays and synthrack,
just not enough light for it.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Back Up To Speed!!

And again 2 new mixes of another new track! It’s “Acid” this time. Enjoy and leave feedback!