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I can not waste any more time not expressing myself. i need to
say what I need to say .

My work is in this room , i am busy making a movie about my roots, i render a piece for the Amsterdam klazmer band ,! order a keyboard from marktplaats for a photographer, a mother board for a dj client , a screen for a graffiti designer , i install a system for office and I develop a website for a script writer. My tools are first of all understanding and communication.
Then a screw drive and my systems Hd’s.

My long lasting friend Leora kamenetsky – a big time script writer from israel (she wrote fouda) klik here she said to me:” You know dafna i never met someone like you how posses the talent to go streat through the hart off people and open them up. people tell all this amassing stories about themselves, and you make everybody lough too . True i like people I want . I offend ture little talks conversations to a be big talks.
People inspiring me.

I earn my leaving by been the nerd around here. Around here we are all creative in mind , not always i have the time to work on my art. Making a leaving come first. At nights i work on my “root movie ”
it is about the place where my mam is from , it use to be a fishermen neighborhood between Jaffa to Tel-aviv , the year is 1937
The place was boomed to crisp on 1948 most of us left to Jorden or Egypt , some stayed. I have been tow times this year in Jaffa , most of the shooting is done. It’s a small film about big problems. I spend tow weeks in the emergency room with my 88 years old papa , i got them all to talk and i got them on tape.

I ‘am such a multi tasked, I need to know more and more all the time , stay on top to be able to keep my title : Digi – diva ,this gave me my brother Yariv alter, we use to sit next to each other nights and keep on working and learning. The door to my house is open 24/7 to all emergencies . I am like a Tandarts i can have very good news for you or sometimes i will need to pull: a logic boars , a keyboards or a track pads. I can teach you how to handle your machine better if you listen to me. My door is open my hart too , i love to be a lifeguard . But mostly i love to After affects my politically, social ideas and my fantasy . Unfortunately i can not stay in the Waalstraat much longer , the house is getting out of the social circle to the free market , they will sale our home for more then 6,000,000 , i need a solution quick.

I have a kid he goes to the IVKO, he is an actor-singer and a film maker very talented remember his name: Orson Levy Langeveld, his inspiration like mind is the people he works with and Amsterdam.

I’ll die for art and for the true , please give me Sint Annenstraat it is the right place for me,
I will macITwork , I will keep it open from morning till night artists will come over with their needs and i will be able to help them and to work on my own projects.

I know the place I filmed their once for W130 we did a project about the sex industry and art in the neighborhood , i got bit up by a prostitute , it was years ago and it was fun.

Please help me out to do beautiful things

I want this:


1. Keep on moving with LOSD , (please listen to Come 2 me)

2. To work my life with beauty and self observation to the end of my life.

3. To Join Forces not to compete.

4. To be a famous artist and a loved one.

5. Integrate in society and bring up a discussion and joy where ever I am.

6. To change what I can change and relax about what I can not change.

7.To video map every building in de City

8. Keep on pushing and helping in the stoengroep vrouwen zonder verblijf verguning.


Location: Amsterdam Holland

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