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MacBook Air 13″ Logic Board, 1.6GHz i5, 8GB water damage

MacBook Air A1266 laptop arrive dead – did not chim did not boot.

Cleaning and Reparing

Water Damaged

As dafna suspected , there was some corrosion on  the top of the board also after taking the logicboard outcorrosion found at the back side of the board. I could try cleaning the board , there are probably too many problems to fix on this board.

All need to be disconected

Client did turn the laptop upside down after the cup of tea with out suger went in.

Client did try to power the laptop again shortly after the exident , this will couse short circuit

After 2 hours of repair the machine was ready again.

Sometime the water hit the keyboard and then you need to replace it .

I have charge the client 60€ . We are waiting for a russiane keyboard to come and this will need to be replace for 80€

So from a totallost laptop you get a super machine for 140€.

Water will turen the white point red!

This is how Apple will know if it was a liqide damage just like on the iPhones.

Details about  MACBOOK AIR A1466 A1465 MacBook Pro A1398 A1425

Logic Board Water Damage Repair