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Kill your Logic Board-Death by Dust!

Guys look here,Yesterday i got this laptop to fix. It was dead, I open it and could not believe how dirty it was inside. It is a MacBook Pro from 1010 13 inch i5 after cleaning the ventilator and the logic board it start showing sign of life. Today it is working again. Don’t let dust kill your machine , bring it to me and I’ll clean it for you

Ask anyone what the most dangerous elements are for electronics and  “liquids” and “excessive heat” are likely responses, both which are indeed destructive to digital devices. However, dust is often overlooked, and is the slow killer of electronics.

Since most people think of dust as a benign, albeit an unsightly occurrence, dust often accumulates on a variety of electronic devices (especially on the rear, out of sight, out of mind). Ports, fans, crevices, and vents are often left untouched for years. But using compressed air or a camera duster to routinely clean these sections is advisable if you’re looking to maintain computers and electronic components and avoid “death by dust”.