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Macitwork offer professional help to artists in the music,sound production.

Macitwork biedt professionele hulp aan artiesten in de muziek, geluidsproductie.

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Ableton Live & Logic Pro

Do you have a VST plug-in ‘go missing’ when you’ve installed an update, or conflict with another plugins newly added to your system? Resolving VST Plug-in or any other plugins conflicts , installing or reinstalling is when i step in.

Fast install

you will get your laptop back with in 24 hours

Waves is the world’s leading developer

of audio plugins and signal processors for the professional and consumer electronics audio markets


  1. ValhallaRoom v1.5.1
  2. ValhallaShimmer v1.0.4
  3. ValhallaVintageVerb v1.7.1

Arturia Minimoog

KOMPLETE Instruments And Effects

A vast range of virtual instruments and effects: Synths, sampled instruments, studio and creative effects, samplers, and cinematic tools


Normally, a FabFilter plug-in will install its factory presets automatically when you run it for the first time. If the plug-in has failed to do so, and you only see an empty preset menu, call me